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 I’m Cheryl Valleroy, owner  and  upholsterer here on Wilson Street.  I’ve been in business in Benton since 1983 and have several years of experience before that in virtually every area of the trade.   My greatest passion is simply creating.... whether it is with fabric, crafts, sewing, computer and/or music. I love to help people, and through my business,   I am able to  play with fabrics and color... help folks create treasured pieces of furniture that will fit their home and personality. It's a true joy.

While our main focus  targets rebuilding  older high quality FURNITURE, we  do recover and repair newer styles.  We can replace your worn out cushion cores, make  lovely pillows to accent your decor,  create window seat cushions,  and we’ve  recently we have added CUSTOM  MADE SLIPCOVERS  to our  lineup!    

Slipcovers are no longer the baggy cover-ups they once were.  Now you can refresh your decor with a new look in just minutes.  Think of them as clothes for your furniture... LOVE a new fabric but  don't want to live with it all the time??  Slip it!   Feel like a whimsical look for spring or the holidays??   Slip it!!   Want to really dress things up?   Let us EMBROIDER  too!   Let your imagination fly. 

In order to specialize in the softer side of the trade,  we no longer accept automotive and marine work. But not to worry!!  With our extended network of TRUSTED  PROFESSIONALS, we can recommend  a local shop to handle your needs.   

We welcome your questions about any of  your  upholstery needs, be it residential, automotive, marine, church, commercial  or  hospitality.   Come on in and browse around, let us help fulfill your fabric fantasies!!

It’s great to meet you!  


BTW ..   If you are interested in healthy living. check out my personal testimony page  to find out how  I overcame systemic joint and muscle stiffness and pain to continue my  active lifestyle & business.  




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