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If you're interested in health and wellness, natural solutions to everyday issues that arise in life.. then read on and allow me to tell you how my family became such a passionate believers/users of essential oils.   This is...

My Story


My granddaughter is now 5  yrs old.  When she was younger, she always struggled with seasonal threats and breathing problems. The year prior to essential oils she was in the ER 3 times with severe lung  infections.  Often,, seasonal threats were the precursor to the illnesses. So when I noticed on FB a post (from a family I knew and trusted) about how essential oils helped their son with his serious seasonal threats... the “health nut” in me took note! I contacted her and thus began this ever-unfolding journey of essential oils. 



My first purchase was the Modern Essentials Book and a small kit containing  the 3 oils that make up the Seasonal Threat Solution. After 6 months we noticed something amazing. My granddaughter had not had a serious illness since starting the EO's. Not a single dose of synthetic solutions,  and only 2 dr visits -- both for reassurance, since the dr. said she was clearly handling her seaonal threats very well and no ear infection was present either. What a huge difference!  We are believers. 



About this same time, a friend in my Sunday School class noticed how hard it was for me to get up when the class was over. I told her that if I could have just ONE day with no pain.. it would be a miracle. Indeed, my joints and muscles had become so incredibly painful that I began to worry that I might be forced to quit work. I’m an upholsterer by trade, but with dwindling strength in my grip and body wide stiffness and pain... how could I go on??  I had been eating a popular synthetic pill like candy, but feared the side effects that were beginning to appear, so I decided to stop taking it.


The result was crippling. No one knew.. my family only saw that I hobbled around all the time,that I was angry... I no longer had the energy or interest to do anything , and they certainly didn’t know that I was dying inside. I hated everything.. I resented having to do all the stuff I had to do... all I knew was that I hurt - all the time. Pain is a debilitating monster. But as Wife, Mom & Grammie & Upholsterer.. I had to grit my teeth and go on.  I knew my friends were praying for me, but I thought I was eating well, taking the right vitamins and all that sort of thing. But I was still hurting.

About that time,  I read a post from another lady about her “body wide” muscle and joint pain that improved significantly with EO’s.. Really????  We  had already witnessed success with my granddaughter, but  could the oils help me???   

So I contacted her.. (isn’t facebook great???!!?!?!!). She suggested specific supplements and Frankincense essential oil. After some research.. I decided to replace my current Wal-Mart vitamins and supplements with the ones my friend was using. I would give it 30 days..which is what the company suggests. They even promise your money back if you don't like the product. (We've all heard that before haven't we??) 


Well..about a week or so into it.. I woke up and stretched, rolled over out of bed, headed to the  bathroom and stopped, mid-stride, my eyes  wide open -  I WASN”T STIFF!  I twisted and turned there in the hallway -- My back didn't hurt.   Whoa...   OK.. hmm... I reached down and touched my toes.  There wasn’t any pain!  I couldnt believe it..  and told everyone I knew.  And that wasn’t all...  I noticed my mood was much better... and I was looking forward to the day. Turns out, the very products I was taking for my joints and muscles, ALSO lifts and improves mood!  By the end of the first month.. I was changed. I had my grip back, I have my ENERGY back, and I don’t hurt anymore, and I'm happy. No more dark days, no more pain!  It was, and still is AMAZING!  God gave me my miracle!!!


Thank you for letting me share this with you.  I mean, when something  wonderful has happened - you don't keep quiet!   

My family and I have learned alot about essential oils and how to use them safely and wisely. The journey is fun, exciting and full of amazing success stories like the ones above. Because of  this,  I now teach classes and help others to learn about these amazing gifts God has given to us.  If you'd like to learn more, contact me.  I am proud to be a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and I'm

 here to serve you.




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