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Questions and Answers... 

1. What kind of upholstery do you do?

Antique, Residential,Church and Slipcovers

* Over the years I have done everything from awnings and marine work to automotive restoration and even a few aviation jobs. My commercial clients have been well pleased with our service, quality and quick turn around. In the past few years I have concentrated more on residential, commercial and antique work. I suppose I have done hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of furniture.

2. Will you come to my home?

We do offer in home service for a nominal fee, however, many clients find it more practical to come to our shop to browse through the beautiful fabric samples, see examples of our past work and some in progress. Others find it even more convenient to email a picture of their pieces before they set up an appointment, so we have a better understanding of what they may need.

3. Where do I get my fabric?

We have well over 200 fabric and vinyl sample books to choose from, We carry several lines, including the latest in the microfiber, crypton and chenille. We can accomodate your every fabric need, and in most cases delivery time is only 1-3 days.

Love that leather look and feel? Choose from the real thing or one of many faux leathers that have become quite popular.

Check our FABRICS page for links to browse through online catalogs.  

4. Can I bring my own fabric?

Yes you can! In the trade - that is referred to COM - Customers Own Material. This is fabric bought by you at a fabric store such as Jo-Ann Fabrics or Hancock's, and brought in to reupholster your furniture.

5. So... how much will it cost to cover my sofa?

That depends on many factors. Size, Design, Detail , Age and Fabric choice are but a few of the variables involved. Will your piece need structural repair? Will it need new springs? Are you comfortable with modern techniques or do you prefer Old World methods using horse hair and cotton?

As you can see... it is not a simple matter. Here are a couple of good rules to consider...

*** At 10 years... lower end foams need replaced.

*** At 20 years many will need attention to foundation and spring suspension. Some will need completely refurbished with all new springs, foundation and fills.

*** Reupholstering is not recovering, nor is it cheap.... it is investing by rebuilding a quality piece of furniture from the frame up with all new  materials that will serve you well for another 10-20+ years... therefore it will exceed the cost of new low end furniture on the market today.

6. Why does it cost more to use COM?

Every upholsterer has to make a living. By bringing in your own fabric, shops lose their profit margins and are forced to assess a surcharge.

If that sounds unfair... try carrying a steak and potato into your favorite restaurant and ask them to prepare it for you... and charge you half price, after all... you provided the meat and vegetable. Not a likely scenario is it. 

7. What about cushion replacements?

We can replace the fill in your cushions with virtually any type, density and load of foam you desire. Not sure what you want or need? Then stop by and try out the many samples available. We can help you choose the right cushion fill that fits your style and your budget.

We can also replace down cushions, spring cushions, and any combination that suits your lifestyle and budget.

8. Do you Pick Up and Deliver?

Yes we can. Ask about our current rates.

Feel free to call or email with any questions you may have. 


Online Catalogs, Yardage Charts, Referrals & More...


         Howard's Upholstery    618-439-7170    ~~~  Furniture Reupholstery, ReBuild & Repair
         Sharon's Upholstery     618-435-3167    ~~~  Automotive & Marine 

Below  you will find several links to online catalogs from  some of my suppliers.  
Others do not have online catalogs and  many of their books are in our shop.

           Greenhouse Fabrics          Charlotte Fabrics           Robert Allen Design               J Ennis Fabrics     

           Luxury Fabrics                 Active Foam Products     Derby Fabrics                       Burch Fabrics

          A & A Fabrics                   Lady Ann Fabrics             Scott Fabrics                        Barrow Fabrics

Yardage Charts & Helpful Info...

Don't have a clue as to how much yardage may be required for your project?
You can use this chart as a guidleine.
A good standard to follow is:


Wing Back Chair - no skirt............... 6 yards
Wing Back Chair - with skirt ........... 7 yards
Recliner ......................................... 8 yards
Sofa - 3 cushion......................14 - 18 yards
Love seat .................................10-14 yards
Club chair ..............................8 - 10 yards

 Remember, plaids and one way designs require more for matching purposes.


Very Important Note!  If your furniture is of the comtemporary oversized styles that ara prevalent in todays market... your yardage needs will be substantially higher than the listed amounts you see here. 


Leather Chart
Leather is sold by the hide.
One hide averages 45 - 55 sq ft.



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